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Uploaded entire 13 song set.

April 28th, 2007

I finally got around to posting our entire “finished” set Saturday.

Name Download/Play
Whipping Boy mp3 wma
Static mp3 wma
Blue Moon mp3 wma
Deleware mp3 wma
Fly mp3 wma
Jenny G mp3 wma
Hurricane mp3 wma
Bleed mp3 wma
Another Day mp3 wma
Singularity mp3 wma
Better Days mp3 wma
Touch mp3 wma
Without You mp3 wma

2 Responses to “Uploaded entire 13 song set.”

  1. Lyman Reed Says:

    Great stuff! I’m glad I found you (via MyBlogLog). Thanks for the music :).

  2. Gray Says:

    @Lyman – thanks for stopping by! We will be appearing on a compilation CD later this summer — “Chill out East Coast Edition” on Quickstar Productions. Check it out on iTunes if you have a chance. Thanks again for stopping by.

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