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Finally installed Ceilume ceiling tile.

April 10th, 2007

The Ceilume ceiling tile from Empire West came in about three weeks ago…but with little time to spare, the new tile sat in my basement waiting to be installed. I was finally able to put in a few hours this past weekend and I must say I am extremely pleased with results.

Installation was a snap. The majority of the grid was 2″ x 2″ so I was able to drop them into the existing grid space without modification. The edge trim required a little more effort because I needed to trim them down to fit the smaller spaces. I ended up cutting the edge trim to using a pair of scissors. I also choose to place the existing fiberglass tiles on top of the new panels to reduce any reverberation that might occur once we get the entire band back in the studio.

All in all I am very pleased with how this project turned out. I would recommend Ceilume to others looking for an alternative to traditional suspended ceiling tiles. They are probably not the best choice for studio applications due to their thin plastic profile but I decided to try them anyway.

Celium Tile in the Studio 2 Celium Tile in the Studio 1


2 Responses to “Finally installed Ceilume ceiling tile.”

  1. ApOgEE Says:

    Wow!.. I like the Ceilume tile. I just know it exists. Do the ceiling have any other function in your studio (I guess maybe as a sound absorber), rather than make it beautiful?

  2. Gray Says:

    Thanks ApOgEE,

    Actually Ceilume tile is quite thin (much thinner than standard grid ceiling tile). I ended up packing existing fiberglass tiles from the original ceiling on top of the Ceilume in an attempt to increase the NRC of the ceiling. I also did this to keep them from rattling. So far I have been pretty pleased with the results. If you are interested, I posted our first recording session in the new studio here.

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