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A new song and an old song.

April 6th, 2007

Beach has been out of town for the last week or two…so Beck and I decided to get together and work on some unfinished material.

We brought back an old favorite from the Chris Lawson days called “Better Days”. Beck changed it up and I have to say I like it much better than than the way we used to play it. We decided to speed up the tempo and reworked the bridge. I can’t wait to get Beach involved.

Next I “attempted” to learn “Without You”. Beck wrote this ballad about a year ago. It’s weird, I can play it when Beck plays along but take away his guitar and I can’t get through the first verse to save my life. I just realized that I must have been faking it for the last year. Needless to say, I will be working on this one for the next couple of weeks.

Finally, we worked on a new “Yet to be Titled” ditty. Beck put some awesome words to a riff that I have been playing around with the last couple of weeks. It is still a work in progress…but there was progress none the less.


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