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Alternative method of hanging Auralex Sound Treatment.

March 5th, 2007

One of my goals when rebuilding my home studio was to come up with an alternative method of hanging the Auralex sound treatment. In my previous studio I opted to use the TubTak adhesive that came with the Auralex Roominator Kit I purchased from Musician’s Friend. The TubTak worked great until I decided to take down the sound treatment and move it to it’s new home. I practically destroyed the drywall in the entire room. I ended up spending a week of patching and sanding to get it to a back to a presentable condition.

This time I opted for a semi-permanent solution. For smaller pieces (2’x2′ squares) I used drywall screws to secure the pads directly to the wall (screw holes are much easier to patch than entire wall sections). For the thicker 8′ bass traps which were too thick for screws, I attached cardboard backing to corners of the room using drywall hangars. I then secured the foam using Liquid Nails (see images 1 and 2 below). Overall, I was pretty happy with the way things turned out. There are small gaps at the edges of the bass traps due to the offset that the cardboard created…but I am willing to live with it.

I have yet to perform formal sound tests but so far the flutter echo that was once prevalent at the listening position is gone. I will try and post some results once I get the rest of the construction wrapped up.

p1010111.JPG p1010112.JPG p1010114.JPG p1010113.JPG