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20 songs and a show.

October 26th, 2006

Things are beginning to come together…Hurricane and Whipping boy are now complete. Delaware is also done. All in all, we have close to a 20 song set…now if only we could play it all the way through. With that being said, we are planning on making an appearance at Caribou Coffee in Olney, MD next Fri. Will anyone show or will it just be that creepy Asian kid that kept touching my son. Details forthcoming. (Remember to bring your hand sanitizer).


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  1. ..:: Friday Show Cancelled. -- Sepia Blog ::.. Says:

    […] We are sorry to report that we will not be playing the Songwriters Association of Washington coffee house this Friday at Caribou Coffee in Olney. We plan on rescheduling the show for mid-November when the band’s schedule frees up a little…we’ll post the new date when we nail down our schedules. […]

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